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ActiveTuning Nissan Auxiliary Input Plug

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Product Description

This auxiliary input cable provides an auxiliary input connection to the factory Bose or non-Bose head units of various Nissan models that have the black 8-pin circular DIN on the back of it:

Black 8-pin DIN

This cable plugs directly into the back of the head unit eliminating the need for an FM modulator and providing better sound quality. Use it to connect DVD sound, iPods, MP3 players, satellite radio receivers, carputers, or any other audio device with a stereo RCA or 1/8" stereo line outputs. An optional adapter is required for the 1/8" stereo (headphone) plug input. Depressing the switch enables the input and your head unit will display "AUX". Please refer to our installation instructions for additional installation details.

Please specify your switch preference in the order options when you place your. You may choose from a red pushbutton switch or a round snap-in rocker switch below which requires a larger hole.

List Of Confirmed Cars

Please confirm that your head unit features the black 8 pin DIN auxiliary input connector before ordering. This adapter will not work without the DIN plug.

  • 1998-Early 2003 Nissan Altima
  • 2001 Nissan Sentra
  • 2001 Nissan Xterra

For the best iPod compatibility, consider adding the PXP01 universal audio/video input + charger plug. This will allow direct audio input from your iPod's main plug, and will keep your iPod charged so that your battery does not run out.

Please e-mail us, and let us know if your vehicle is not listed, but does have the black 8-pin DIN.

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