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ActiveTuning 98-01 Nissan Altima Custom Engine Grounding System

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98-01 Nissan Altima

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ActiveTuning | NI-AL-98GRNDKT

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Installation Guide

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Installation Time: Approximately 30 minutes
Tools Required:

  • 10 mm socket
  • Ratchet
  • Extensions
Materials Provided:
  • 4 Ground Cables
  • Hardware
  • Zip ties

Thanks to Kevin Kalmar for his help in developing this kit


Four grounding cables will be installed in these approximate locations:

The first 10" cable will run from the negative terminal of the battery to the chassis at the bolt location shown. Install it on the negative battery cable stud with the washer and nut provided. If you have an aftermarket battery terminal, install as shown:

The second 27" cable will start at the threaded hole on the driverís side strut tower and run to the shifter cable bracket at the front of the transmission. Use the bolt/washer provided:

The third 15" cable runs from the alternator mounting bracket to the factory grounding location on the chassis and below the coolant reservoir. Remove the coolant overflow reservoir to access this bolt:

The last 19.5" cable runs from the threaded hole on the passenger side strut tower to the throttle cable bracket at the top of the intake. Use the bolt/nut provided:

Thatís it youíre done! You should notice a smoother running engine, faster starting, a better idle, and a few additional HP and better mileage.

Thanks to Ry from NissanClub for installing our prototype kit and providing these pictures!

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