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Peripheral Electronics Nissan/Infiniti Dual Auxiliary Input Adapter

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03-08 Nissan/Infiniti Vehicles With SAT/RADIO Button

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Peripheral Electronics | PXNI

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$109.99 $75.00

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Product Description

The PXNI allows direct input of any preamp level audio source to most Nissan/Infiniti factory radios that are satellite ready, and will work with or without the factory satellite connected or activated. The PXNI interface inputs sources from units such as an iPod, DVD, MP3 player, satellite radio, video game systems, etc. This unit accepts two seperate audio source inputs and offers higher quality sound than an FM modulator. Easy plug and play install behind the factory radio.

This product is identical in functionality to the PAC Audio AAI-NIS2, which is very hard to find, and backordered everywhere.

Special Notes

  • Vehicle must have a SAT or RADIO button
  • Vehicle cannot have an external CD changer installed. If installed, it must be disconnected.
  • Select 350Z radios may not have an SAT button, use the "RADIO" button to select the AUX option.
  • Not all external audio devices have the same audio output level. Some devices may sound louder than others. If you want to match the audio level to the factory radios CD or AM/FM volume, use a Line Driver to increase the output level.

For the best iPod compatibility, consider adding the PXP01 universal audio/video input + charger plug. This will allow direct audio input from your iPod's main plug, and will keep your iPod charged so that your battery does not run out.


This product works with most Nissan/Infiniti vehicles that have a RADIO and/or SAT button on the radio.

Please see if your vehicle is compatible with this at Peripheral Electronics website.

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